AMAWIO! Week Two

What do this gnarly toothed beast and Little House on the Prairie have in common?

Both starred Michael Landon! Before he was the patriarch of the long-suffering Ingalls family, Mr Landon was the "I" in I Was a Teenage Werewolf.

I have no memory of seeing the movie. I might have seen it when I was really young, on channel 56's Creature Double Feature – or maybe I merely saw movie stills in Famous Monsters magazine.

But I do remember donning my brother's too-big-for-me Patriots letter jacket and pretending I Was a Pre-Teen Werewolf. I lumbered through the neighborhood, hunched over and snarling, waiting for my chance to pounce on an unsuspecting cat, dog or gymnast.

My first sketch. I call this I Was a Geriatric Werewolf.

My final "pencil" drawing before adding color.

Garrrrrrr! I shot a quick iPod movie of myself going through some werewolf poses and used this still as reference for the final illustration.