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My name is Robert Squier; I am an illustrator who draws dinosaurs, historical figures, animals, anthropomorphic animals, kids,
kitchen sinks, monsters and more. Portfolio Solutions LLC is my art rep in the children's publishing market.


It's not just a clumsy acronym;  A Monster a Week in October (AMAWIO!) is my excuse to draw some of the movie monsters that scared me as a kid. Take a look… if you dare!  More…

Dinosaur Head

Dino Gallery

I drew my first dinosaur when I was a preschooler. Today, I'm still drawing dinos. Not much has changed – except that now I can tie my own shoes. Take a look!

Dinosaur Presentation

How to Prep for a How-to-Draw-a-Dinosaur Presentation

I recently spoke to a classroom full of kids, taught them to draw a T. rex, and survived to tell the tale. More…