About Robert Squier

I am an illustrator of dinosaurs and things that are not dinosaurs. I’ve illustrated several nonfiction chapter books (among other books) and I enjoy drawing whimsical creatures getting in—or out of—trouble.

I grew up near the New Hampshire Seacoast. As a child, I was inspired by comic books, monster movies, and my grandfather, the artist Donald G. Squier. Portraits and landscapes by my grandfather hung on nearly every wall of my childhood home.

I studied art at the University of New Hampshire and the Maine College of Art. After a stint as a graphic designer, I began working in the children's publishing market. Since then, I’ve collaborated with a number of clients, including Highlights Magazine, Penguin Random House, The Child’s World, Capstone, and the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire.

I still live near the New Hampshire Seacoast with my wife, our son, and a dog named Q.

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Phone: 603-498-7177
PO Box 213
Portsmouth, NH 03802